a spotlight on the human aspects of accident prevention

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Welcome to the safetymindblog

The safetymindblog aims to shine a spotlight on the human aspects of accident prevention.

At Safety Mind, we take a particular interest in what causes people to make mistakes, fail to comply with rules and develop habits that increase their risk of having accidents or injuries.  That makes us equally interested in what people can do to make fewer mistakes, become better at rule compliance and develop the good habits that keep themselves and others safe.

We provide a mixture of current thinking, informative articles and discussion topics through these blog posts.  We hope you find the blog informative and thought-provoking and would welcome your comments.


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The “Nut Island Effect” on safety

Blog 11aThe phrase “nut island effect” was coined by Paul F Levy, head of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and became widely known when he published a paper about it in the Harvard Business Review in 2001.  Nut Island is a 5 acre small island in Boston Harbour that was used from 1952 onwards as the site for a sewage treatment facility, until it was decommissioned in 1997.  It was run by a dedicated team that worked in isolation, doing a complex but important job, and who were ignored by management, until things went wrong.  Continue reading